We all know that one of life’s unpleasant experiences we all have to contend with in the summertime, whether we go on vacation or stay home, are those pesky insects and poisonous plants!

Poison Ivy:  Did you know it grows almost everywhere in the US except Hawaii, Alaska, and some parts of Nevada?  They differ in looks according to the places they live.  Poison Sumac is basically the same plant.
One needs to research the plant and how it looks according to their location.  Urushiol is released from the plants, and sticks to just about anything it comes in contact with.  The best way to deal with these plants is to stay away from them!

Bee Stings:  Most of the time, bees are as afraid of you as you are of them!  Bees are attracted to bright, floral patterns of clothing, fragrances, and food.  Bees will land on soda cans, or spilled food, so beware!  Plan to wear proper clothing (long sleeves, hats, leather work gloves, etc.) if you are going to be outside and know you are in “Bee Territory”!

Spider Bites:  Summer is the prime season for mating and laying eggs for Brown Recluse spiders.  This spider has a very toxic venom.  These non-aggressive spiders only bite when they are caught in a situation, such as being in shoes, bedding, or clothes.  One of their hiding places is cardboard boxes, under the flaps.  So use extreme caution when cleaning; shake out shoes and clothes before donning them.  They also like woodpiles, so check your gloves for spiders before you pick up the wood.