Working with Power Tools?

When using power tools, the proper personal protective equipment should always be worn.

These tools are classified by their source of power: electric, pneumatic, liquid fuel, hydraulic and powder-actuated.
Safety tips when using the types of tools listed are:

  • Electric – Electric shock is the most hazardous threat, and proper grounding is extremely important. Wear gloves and safety footwear when using electric tools.
  • Pneumatic – Powered by compressed air, i.e., drills, hammers, sanders, require that eye, head and face protection be used.   When operating jackhammers, safety glasses, shoes, face shields and hearing protection from noise are necessary.
  • Liquid Fuel – Usually powered by gasoline, which sometimes creates vapors that can explode or burn.  If using this type of equipment in inside areas, respirators should be worn.
  • Powder-Actuated – These tools operate like a loaded gun, and should be operated only by specially trained persons.  Face, ear and eye protection need to be worn.
  • Hydraulic – Fire-resistant fluids must be used to run this equipment, with the exception of insulated sections of derrick trucks, aerial lifts and tools used on or around energized lines.  Jacks, lever and ratchet jacks, screw jacks and hydraulic jacks should be properly inspected before use and immediately after.  Appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn.

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