Drivers, Start Your Engines!…. Safely?

Before you start your engines, we thought we’d share some facts regarding NASCAR Safety.

Millions of dollars have been spent to ensure the safety of the drivers, team members, and the fans of the sport. construct Safety Barriers with materials that absorb better than concrete.  The Hans Device (combination helmet and neck restraint) is mandatory.  Restrictor Plates are used at two high-banked superspeedways, Daytona and Talladega. These plates reduce the speed of the cars for safety.  Cars are designed with two roof flaps, which help prevent cars from becoming airborne.  Drivers, of course, are outfitted with fire retardant gloves, boots, and suits.
Pit Road has speed limits for safety.  Pit Members are required to wear helmets, full fire suits, and gloves.  The gas man must wear a fire apron.  Although it is not compulsory, it is recommended changers wear safety glasses to prevent debris from getting into their eyes.  Since the NASCAR cars do not have wing mirrors, it is mandatory to have spotters to communicate with their drivers to relay information as to location of cars in blind spots.

Mechanix products are probably the most popular gloves NASCAR team mechanics use in their job.  Many products are available: all types of gloves, even ones with lights, ladies’ gloves, Radio Belt, knee pads, backpacks, and more!

If you plan to visit the track, you might want to also take along:

  • Safety glasses with UV protection
  • SunX Towelettes
  • Miracool Bandannas
  • Earplugs from
  • Maybe even some Gatorade

Be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat, and drive friendly!

Source:   Wikipedia

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  1. Very interesting I have a friend that is a race car driver and he was going over all the safety equipment including the fireproof clothing that he has to wear, and I was amazed. Not so much at the amount of safety equipment, but the amount of money he spends to make sure he is safe on the road.

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