There’s probably no one on the planet that hasn’t experienced a headache from time to time.
Did you know there are five classifications of them?

  • Vascular – Migraine, which occur more frequently in women, and Cluster, which are experienced more often in men.
  • Myogenic – These headaches are more muscular, tightening or tensing facial and neck muscles.  Tension is the most common type of myogenic headache.
  • Cervicogenic – Can be from a disorder of the neck; anatomical structures innervated by cervical roots C-1, C-3.
  • Traction – Symptoms of other disorders. Causes range from sinus infection to stroke.
  • Inflammatory – Also caused by other disorders, with the same cause range, sinus to stroke.

Many headaches respond to simple analgesia such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen.  When sufferers have more recurring headaches, some medical professionals recommend keeping a “headache diary”.  By making entries on the type of headache and other aggravating factors, a pattern may be revealed that would help treat the cause, thereby preventing headaches from returning.  Sometimes caffeine is recommended to supplement pain killers.

Helping you to cope with and understand headaches can be Step #1 to a healthier you!