The following information is for your good and the good of all others on the road – using cell phones while driving is dangerous, and puts you and others at risk!  Many countries, as well as some cities and states in the United States have made it illegal to talk using a hand-held phone while driving.  California drivers under age 18 may not use cell phones while driving, except in emergency situations.

If you simply must use a cell phone on the road, here are some tips to keep you safe:

  • Stop the vehicle while placing calls.
  • Use hand-free or speaker phones.
  • If you have to text, for Pete’s sake, pull off the road!
  • Focus on your driving; do not make emotional or important business calls that divert your attention.
  • Keep your phone within easy reach.
  • Let your passenger make the call for you, or let your passenger drive while you make the call.

There are many folks who make their living driving all day (or night).  Employers should ensure mobile workers are using their cell phones safely, and not risking their life or others due to improper cell phone usage.  Companies should create and enforce policies regarding hands-free operation of cell phones in order for their remote workers to be less distracted while driving.  Some prefer to use answering services for their drivers to access once they arrive safely at their destination.

How on earth did we ever make it without these wonderful little gadgets?  They are a welcome convenience to our busy lives; however, we need to exercise caution if we choose to use them while driving.  If we don’t pay attention, the results could be devastating.