Do we take for granted those police officers, firemen, and medical responders that are there for us in times of need?

Those who seek adventure in trying to scale high mountains, or other exciting activities many times get stranded, then emergency teams put their lives at risk in order to rescue them.  When there are weather forecasts that warn residents to evacuate, many who will not or cannot leave hope that these dedicated heroes will come in time to save them.

Those who serve include:

  • Firefighters, both paid and volunteer
  • EMS Personnel
  • Police
  • Skilled Support Personnel:  HAZMAT, Crime Scene, Sample, Clean up Personnel
  • First Responders
  • First Receivers, such as healthcare workers
  • Air Rescue Teams
  • SWAT Teams
  • Departments of Public Safety
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Military

These public servants and those who receive first responder training at their workplace are given the awesome duty to be prepared through medical and emergency alert programs, have an incident command system, and be assured that all are provided with the proper personal protective equipment.  Exposed to both physical and emotional stress, these men and women need and deserve the support of their families and friends.

Thanks for all they do, in their workplace, to guarantee the safety of all of us.  May we do all that we can in our workplace and daily life to ensure the safety of our co-workers, friends and families.

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