A volunteer is someone who chooses to make a difference for his/her community, an individual, or environment without compensation.  The person who “gives back” reaps the best rewards of all!  It is just natural that a healthy attitude toward others helps improve our health.  Volunteers can belong to organizations or do so as individuals.

Experts noted that the biggest statistical difference between volunteers and non-volunteers is the time they spend watching television: 15 hours per week for volunteers, versus 23 hours per week for non-volunteers.  This averages more than 400 hours a year that could mean a world of difference if there were more volunteers.

Each of us has a gift of some kind that can benefit someone.  At this time of year, our attention is drawn to shelters, where volunteers serve holiday meals.  What happens after the holiday?  Would you be willing to:

  • Deliver meals to shut-ins?
  • Offer technical support to non-profit organizations?
  • Offer your services in a leadership capacity for community drives?
  • Be a hospital volunteer?
  • Serve as a volunteer fireman/woman?
  • Go to nursing homes and read/visit with residents?

Most small communities have fire departments that are made up entirely of volunteers, who receive formal/informal training.  What would happen without these brave and dedicated persons?

Young people should be aware that there are many unfortunate people who need a little help.  Many youth groups volunteer in the summer to work on projects such as home improvement for those who qualify.  This is a great way for the youth of our country to reach out to others.

Ways to serve are abundant in any community.  Check with the Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Organizations, local hospitals, nursing homes, and you are sure to find some way that you can “give back”, a gift that will be appreciated more than you can ever dream!