While researching risky behavior, it seems the most popular websites featured adolescents, and the risks they take.  Whether it’s driving too fast, drinking too much, participating in violent crime, there are thousands of theories about causes of the problems.  Young people have either had too much or too little in their lives – money, supervision, or guidance.
But what’s going to happen to them when they are all grown up, and still take chances?
All persons, young and old, who engage in risky behavior have a negative impact on society; they affect their health and safety and the health and safety of those around them.

In the workplace, companies need to identify risk-taking behavior.

  • Are workers who routinely take risks rewarded for the wrong reason?
  • Are shortcuts taken, regardless of the outcome?
  • Are unsafe conditions recognized?
  • Are unsafe actions addressed?
  • Are safety procedures ignored to save time?
  • Are workers checked to be sure they are wearing their PPE at all times?

There are many behavior based training programs that assist companies in teaching and monitoring their employees to ensure the safety of all.  One example is a Driver Risk Management program, which is used by companies that employ large numbers of truck drivers.  This program has a video event recorder on board that is triggered at the time of an incident and allows drivers to later review the event, working closely with management.  The key to a successful DRM program is the coaching and training that takes place by someone with whom they have open communication as a result of watching the captured instances of risky behavior. Not only is the coaching session an opportunity to provide drivers with positive reinforcement in a manner that will reduce at-risk behavior and increase good driving behaviors, it also allows for positive encouragement (and potential incentive) when good driving behaviors are observed.  In addition, it also helps drivers in cases where they are not at fault.

Studies show that there are just some people who have that “dare-devil” personality.  Can anyone truthfully say that they haven’t done a little something to take that risk, whether it was going through that stoplight that had already changed from green to red, breaking speed limits, cut corners at work to get through, or done any number of things that could have resulted in a negative way?   Also, we take chances with our health, by not exercising, eating too much junk food, smoking, or drinking in excess, or allowing too much stress into our lives.

Don’t gamble with someone else’s life or your own.  Play it safe!

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