Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday, we were celebrating a new year, with a new administration, and other events that create a brand new start.  We’ve only a few days left before the first month of 2009 will be history.  We’ve dug up some facts about the shortest month of the year, February, and hope you will enjoy them, as well as take them to heart:

  • February is American Heart Month.
  • The first week of February, Burn Awareness Week is sponsored by the Shriners Burn Hospitals.  Consumer Protection Week, School Counselors Week, and Womens’ Heart Week are also spotlighted.
  • The second week of February is Cardiac Rehab Week, as well as Celebration of Love Week, Flirting Week, and more importantly, Child Passenger Safety Week and Hospital Veterans National Salute Week.
  • Engineers Week, Friendship Week, Love Your Pet Week, and Random Acts of Kindness Week are observed during the third week of February. (See how many ways you can be nice!)
  • Featured during the last week, are oddly enough, Eating Disorders Week, and Pancake Week!

February 1st is National Freedom Day.  President Lincoln signed the 13th amendment on February 1, 1865, following the Senate’s approval of the bill in April, 1864, and House passage, January, 1865, abolishing slavery.

This year, Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 1st!  The Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers will face off.  Congratulations to both teams and their fans.  You might even see a few team hardhats in the stands!

In Pennsylvania on February 2, Punxsutawney Phil, our country’s only true groundhog weather forecaster, will determine if we will have six more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow, or an early spring, if he doesn’t.  It’s fun for us to anxiously await Groundhog Day.

Guys, if you want to stay safe this month, you won’t forget Valentines’ Day is February 14th!

President’s Day is observed the third Monday of the month.  President Washington’s birthday is February 22, and President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February 12; however, some number of years ago, it was decided to change observance of their separate birthdays.
According to our sources, this particular holiday was not set to celebrate those two presidents exclusively.

Other important topics featured in the month of February are Library Lovers Month, National Cherry Month, National Childrens’ Dental Health Month, and Wild Bird Feeding Month.

We hope you have enjoyed this trivia, but more importantly, we want you to think about those you love, and remember, not only during National Heart Month, but all year, to take good care of themselves.  One of the nicest gifts you can give someone you care about or yourself is a gift membership to a wellness center.  Exercise is one of the key elements in having good heart health.
After you finish the Valentine candy, make up your mind to get out there and start walking, exercising, and staying fit!