Do you know your rights, if you feel that your employer has put you at risk?  A workplace hazard that puts you at immediate serious risk of death or physical harm is an imminent danger.  Such instances could be an exposed electric wire, unstable trenches, toxic substances, dangerous fumes or gases that could be harmful.

You should notify your supervisor immediately and ask for corrective action.  Ask for protection for yourself and coworkers until the hazard is controlled or eliminated.

If the employer does not act, contact OSHA and/or your State Health and Safety Authorities.
These reports receive the highest priority, and OSHA will conduct an inspection.  Upon request, OSHA will not reveal your name.

If it is found that the hazard has not been eliminated, OSHA may post an “Imminent Danger” notice and seek a temporary restraining order requesting the employer to remove employees from exposure to the hazard involved.

OSHA and the National Labor Relations Board work together to protect employees who are punished for refusing to work in imminently dangerous situations.  It is illegal for an employer to punish you for reporting a safety/health hazard.