National Safety Month Week 2 – Fall Prevention

Falls happen as a result of tripping, slipping, or falling from elevated places such as ladders, stepladders, roofs, trees, or many other hazardous places.  Both at home and the workplace, good housekeeping is a necessity to prevent such occurrences.  Carpets or floors should be in good condition, and the environment should be clutter-free.

When going to a shopping mall or hospital, many times we see the floors being mopped.  There are signs warning us of a wet floor; however, it’s so easy to just walk on through, disregarding the chance of taking a fall.  We need to be aware at all times just how simple it is to take a fall by merely not paying attention to our surroundings.

Falls are the most common cause of fatal injuries to construction workers.  All workers should take the time to ensure that their working conditions are as safe as possible.

Please take heed to these fall-prevention ideas:

  • Never stand on a chair on furniture to reach high places; use a stepladder or ladder.
  • When you are going up or down stairs, hold on to the rail.
  • If it is required for your job, wear personal fall protection.
  • Do not carry a load you can’t see over.
  • Walk, don’t run, and watch where you are going.
  • Wear non-skid, waterproof shoes if you work in an area where there are spills.
  • Be sure the work area has adequate lighting.
  • Ensure that your work area has enough working space to avoid collisions.
  • Avoid blind corners in workspaces.

Here is some information on ladders:

  • The ladder you choose for use should be in good condition.
  • Hold on while climbing the ladder.
  • While working, keep one hand on the ladder.
  • Be sure it is set up on a firm and level surface.
  • Construction ladders have duty ratings:

Type I supports up to 250 lbs.
Type IA supports up to 300 lbs.
Type IAA supports up to 375 lbs.

Be aware that the consequences of a fall can be very serious.  At home, work, or play, take the time to avoid injury.