Warm weather is sure to bring some friendly or not-so-friendly critters into our homes, schools, farms, and workplace.  Pests include cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, mice, rats, termites; outdoor pests are weeds, worms, aphids, and grubs, just to name a few.

Prevention is the main key to solving the problem of an insect invasion, so don’t let them get started!  To keep the creepy, crawly pests out of the house, store food in sealed containers, remove garbage regularly, don’t leave your pet food or water out, and keep your home free of clutter.  Roaches love to hide under papers, and in boxes.  Check boxes before bringing them into your house, to be sure you aren’t moving in an “uninvited family”.  They can also invade your luggage when you are on vacation, so check it well when you return.

Regular use of pesticides in homes, workplaces and schools helps keep pests away.  Professional services provide the proper amount of pesticides to be used in order to reduce risk to humans and pets.  Baits and traps can be used to eliminate rodents.  Fogging should not be done unless absolutely necessary.  Whether you are using some type of pesticide in your home, garden, farm, or workplace, be sure to know what you are dealing with and the proper use and disposal of leftover products. Use extra caution to not expose children or pet areas to the repellent you are using.

Use respiratory protection when necessary.  Many insects are our friends, and are just doing their jobs pollinating plants, etc.  But for the ones we don’t relish having around, there are ways to let them know they aren’t welcome.  Just be familiar with the types of sprays and powders you choose.

Source: EPA

One thought on “DO YOU HAVE A PEST PROBLEM?”

  1. Great blog Doug, I’ve copied and included some of your work in a few of my upcoming blogs. Great blog on pest and on pets can keep us healthy.
    We all should be careful when using pesticide, but I think it would be wrong not to use them. Mosquitoes have killed more people worldwide than anything else. So be careful and hire a professional if you can’t handle it. Like Africanized bees, bedbugs or termites. Thanks again for the article

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