No, we’re not talking baseball, even though the season is getting pretty interesting, if you’re a fan.   August 24 – 30th is National Safe at Home Week.  We all consider our home our castle; we are tucked away securely there when we get home from work, school, or other activities.  Did you know that more than 1.1 million Americans are injured yearly just from tripping while walking across their floors?  Other information from the U.S. Census Bureau states that nearly that many more are hurt on stairs or stairways at home.  Approximately 490,000 Americans are hurt annually riding bikes, as well.  Adding to the statistics from Safe at Home™, an organization that focuses on home safety, more people are hurt in their own home than at work.

So, what are we going to do about these troubling numbers?  There are many areas to focus on to ensure that our home is safe.  You may want to take a room-by-room survey to see what “home remedies” you can find.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Childproof all cabinets.
  • Don’t leave medicines or cleaning products where children or pets can get into them.
  • Be sure to have smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors in the home, and change batteries as necessary.
  • Keep the house free of clutter, which poses a danger of tripping.
  • Use a stepladder rather than chair to reach something.
  • Be sure rails on stairways are secure.
  • If there’s someone who needs a little help, install handrails in the bathroom or elsewhere that can help them get up or down.
  • Check for loose carpet, which is a tripping hazard.
  • Keeping nightlights in the bathroom or bedroom help prevent falls.
  • A flashlight by the bedside comes in handy if there’s a power failure.
  • Wipe up spills on tile floors, another fall hazard.
  • Fire extinguishers in the kitchen can be extremely helpful when needed.
  • Outside lights ensure you won’t stumble in the dark.
  • And, bike riders, wear helmets!

In case some of these tips haven’t crossed your mind, this may be of help to you.  Keep your Home Sweet Home, Home Safe Home!