There is still time to make plans for late summer vacations!  While we certainly don’t want to rain on your parade, if hiking or camping is included in your planned activities, here are a few ideas that will help you map out a successful trip:


Whether you are a new or seasoned hiker, it pays to play it safe:

  • Always tell friends or family where you plan to hike/camp.
  • Take plenty of water, snacks and a cell phone.
  • If you are a new hiker, stay in familiar areas; it ‘s too easy to drift into unknown places.
  • In State Parks, check in with Rangers to let them know how long you plan to stay.
  • Don’t mess with wildlife!  Remember, they are wild animals, many protecting their young.
  • If camping is new to you, take shorter trips before embarking on a longer outing.
  • Wear layered clothing, easy to remove/add to be ready for weather changes.
  • Carry lightweight rain jackets.
  • Carry along a First Aid Kit.
  • Add sunscreen to your list, as well as some good safety glasses w/U.V. protection.
  • As the Boy Scouts say,  “Be Prepared!”

Before you check into the great outdoors, be sure you check out all the products you need to stay safe and comfortable.

Source: Safetyissues.com