The British have discovered a way to really wake us up.  Last night, I saw some video clips they have produced of staged accidents involving drivers who were texting on their cell phones while driving.  Maybe you saw them on YouTube.  Extremely graphic, they depict several different scenarios of wrecks and the persons involved, and the outcomes are horrible.

As I was reviewing information on the internet on this subject today, I noticed an advertisement on the same page for a cell phone that you can access just about anything you want to see – “one click to Facebook”!

Cell phones are probably one of the greatest inventions of our time and can be useful in times of emergencies.  Frankly, I don’t know how we ever got along without them.  Cell phones are such a convenience; we can stay in touch with our loved ones or friends in a matter of seconds, coordinate meetings, make appointments, and walk around the house, all at the same time!  You’ll notice I didn’t mention “drive a car” all at the same time.  But, that’s what we do.  I saw a woman taking her little one to school this morning, talking on her cell phone the whole time.  Do you wonder if that call could have waited?  (Beginning September 1st in Texas, state law prohibits the use of cell phones in school zones.  Fines of up to $200 can be imposed.  The law does allow hands-free use of cell phones or emergency use only.)

The simple task of making a call while driving is enough of a diversion.  It’s not the fault of the cell phone if there is an accident while driving.  It’s the fault of the person operating the car and the phone at the same time.  When you have to look down to read a message someone is sending you, you are taking a chance on hurting yourself, your passengers, or the other guy meeting you. (And what if he’s texting, what are your chances, then?)

Statistics have shown that texting and driving is just about dead even with drinking and driving.  Do you think you have it under control, or that it won’t hurt anyone?  THINK AGAIN.  And if you get a chance to see how the Brits deliver the message, you will change your mind.