On April 1st, we’ve probably all been the victims of innocent pranks, either at school, or our place of work.  It’s all in fun, and can’t be too bad for only one day.  Just remember to be ready for someone to try to trip you up on April Fools Day!

This week, Christians observe Good Friday on the 2nd of April, followed by Easter Sunday on the 4th.

Focusing on health, the month of April is Cancer Control Month, time to renew our commitment to fighting this dread disease by knowing more about prevention and early detection.  Persons are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles through exercise, proper diet, and regular checkups by their physician.  Go to, or for in-depth information to learn about research and what you can do to stay healthy and help others.

Since 1987, April has been designated as Alcohol Awareness Month, to raise public consciousness and educate people about the devastating effects alcohol can have on our youth, individuals, and families.  In the U.S., the Number One drug choice for young people under age 21 is alcohol, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.  Every day in America, 7,000 underage youths take their first drink.  The misuse of alcohol and drugs has a huge effect primarily on families; however, these problems carry over to the workplace, as well.  For more information on this problem, go to   If you suspect a family member or co-worker is dealing with this problem, encourage him/her to get help.

Three other April reminders:
1.    Income tax filing deadline is the 15th.

2.    Earth Day is observed on the 22nd.

3.    Administrative Professionals are honored on their special day, the 22nd.

Although the first day of Spring occurred in March, April always brings feelings of new beginnings.  Enjoy your thirty days of April, and keep safety in mind when you start more outdoor activities.  When you get in the mood to do those outdoor chores, don’t be fooled. Wear your safety glasses when mowing or edging the grass and gloves for gardening and other tasks.