Do you take pride in keeping your home and yard nice and tidy?  How do you feel about keeping your workplace the same?  I have worked with some pretty messy people, ones who would throw their paper coffee cups on the floor, missing the wastebasket, and leaving other trash behind, and I wondered if they did the same at their houses.  Clutter, debris, and spills are a serious hazard, both at home and work.  Good housekeeping in the workplace pays big dividends, by preventing injuries, saving time by not having to look for tools or materials, and keeping  the boss happy. 

A sloppy workplace contributes to accidents such as tripping over objects that may have been left in the aisles or on stairs, getting hit by falling objects, or slipping on wet, dirty, or greasy floors.  Broken fixtures  in buildings that are not properly repaired can also cause accidents.  If the workplace is not kept free from dust and vapors, health problems could be an issue.  A safety officer should  complete a housekeeping checklist weekly.  Each department should be responsible to see that they pass the inspection with flying colors.  Housekeeping safety programs should include inspection, maintenance, upkeep, and repairs.  Aisles, fire equipment, first aid stations and emergency eyewash stations should never be blocked by clutter or debris. 

Employee facilities should be cleaned daily and stocked with soap, towels, and disinfectants. Many companies have individual lockers for workers to be able to change from their work clothes, in order to not contaminate their homes if they work in environments that contain hazardous materials.  

We’ve all heard the saying, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”  This saying applies to our homes and places of employment.  Being organized is the best way to be efficient.  Dispensers play an important part of being organized in the workplace.  There are dispensers for everything from tape, to earplugs, eyeglasses, goggles, facemasks, medicines, hairnets, shoe covers, beard covers, and just about anything that requires being ready for use. 

Let’s all try a little harder to be good stewards at work. If every one of us keeps our little corner of the world tidy, what a safer world it will be.