Now that the week of November 8th is almost over, here’s hoping that you have been a little nicer to everyone than usual, since it is World Kindness Week.  You still have time, however, since Saturday, the 13th is “World Kindness Day,” and I plan to remind my husband of it!   We know that our job is to focus on helping everyone stay safe – but if we are thoughtful of others and hope they are thoughtful to us, (Golden Rule), it  WILL  keep us all safer. 

I consider it a major act of kindness when a driver lets me wedge into a lane when I am driving in city traffic.  If you put on your blinker and watch, there will be some good soul that will wave you in.  Then again, there are others that won’t.  When you are from a small town, it’s good to know that there are nice people traveling the highways that are courteous, and in return, you can reciprocate. 

A little act of kindness can go a long way.  The workplace is a good example of this.  When workers take the time to help a coworker out, it can make the difference in the outcome of their whole day.  Supervisors will find that if they treat their employees in a positive way, most of the time, the result will be workers who are more productive and appreciative of their job.  Who doesn’t enjoy a little pat on the back at some point in their career?  Many times we have seen persons who seem to think they can build themselves up by tearing someone else down, such as constantly downgrading their work, or embarrassing them in front of coworkers.  People see through that, and lose respect for the person conducting himself/herself that way. 

Being nice isn’t being weak.  Some people are just nicer than others.  You see grumpy people everywhere, probably work or live with them!  If that’s the case, tell them that it doesn’t cost a penny to be nice to others – it’s free!  Look for the opportunity to help someone, even if it’s just holding open a door for someone.  Volunteer for a worthy cause.  Join your hospital volunteers, or other important organization.  Donate blood, drive someone to the store – there’s someone waiting for your help.  Sometimes a phone call to an elderly friend makes their day.  Did you ever consider going to a nursing home or hospital and reading to a patient?

It seems that in any organization, there are always the same few people that will agree to take an office, or responsibility in the group.  There are always more followers than leaders.  Maybe if you are one of the leaders, and you simply ask someone to take an important role, they might surprise you and do it.  Pay attention to what’s going on around you, sometimes someone may just need a little nudge and confidence builder. 

Teach your children to be kind.  They need to know how to share and get along with others.  As they grow up, they must learn that showing respect to teachers, the elderly, and adults is the right thing to do.  (If this sounds old-fashioned, it is!)  

Many countries throughout the world observe  World Kindness Week, and World Kindness Day – Japan, Canada, Australia, the U.S., India, and many more.  It’s the time to look beyond ourselves and realize we are all citizens of the world.  If we can make everyone mindful of this, how could we not have a safer world?