With the Labor Day weekend coming, what better time to acknowledge our Nation’s truck drivers than this week, August 26th through September 1st – National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.  Our truck drivers keep America moving, bringing all kinds of goods to us: groceries, building supplies, pipe and oilfield materials for our energy, and just about anything you can name.  If you are on a busy Interstate, these big rigs can be very intimidating.  One night I was on Interstate-35 and the traffic was at a standstill because of three different incidents.  There were trucks behind me and beside me as we “inched” our way along, and yet they stayed far enough back that I was not uncomfortable.  It is much more difficult to control those large vehicles than for smaller cars and trucks in those situations. 

I want to pass on these safety tips from America’s Road Team, along with the American Trucking Association that will help you stay safe during the busy upcoming weekend.  There will be an estimated, overwhelming 30 million drivers on the roads.  Some will possibly wind up with unfortunate accidents because of poor choices.  America’s Road Team Captains ask you to follow these suggestions: 

  • Do a “walk around” your vehicle before taking a long drive.  Check your tires, fluids, and wipers.  You may find it necessary to have your radiator and cooling system serviced.  By doing these things, it may prevent you from being stranded on the road.
  • Leave your house early.  Speeding will only save a minute or two, even though it may seem like it saves you more time.  Be patient when behind cars that are going “slow.”
  • Know where you are going.  The cause of many accidents is because drivers make sudden lane changes to catch the exit they need.  By knowing the exit number and name, you will not only save yourself some stress, but possibly your life.  It will help you avoid a lot of panic.  Pull over in a safe area to check out an unfamiliar area on the map, or invest in a GPS system prior to your trip.
  • Avoid truck blind spots. 
  • Always have a cell phone, but pull over when you want to use it.
  • Look ¼ mile ahead of your path.
  • Use your signal lights.
  • Yield, but never stop on the highway.
  • Do not cut off large trucks because they need much more time than a car to brake. 

We salute our Nation’s truck drivers, and appreciate the safety rules that they observe.  It is those drivers’ hopes that these tips will help you have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. 

Source: American Trucking Association


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