We just finished celebrating Labor Day, which honors America’s working men and women; now we are counting down the days to a completely different observance in our country: the ten- year anniversary of that terrible day in our history when innocent people in the World Trade Center lost their lives, in addition to firemen, police and other first responders.  Two planes being flown by Al Queda operatives deliberately hit those two tall buildings, full of people – just planning another routine day of work.  Two other planes also targeted important government buildings, one succeeding in hitting the Pentagon, and the other planning to crash into either the White House or Capitol building.  Brave passengers on the last plane fought to take over and lost their lives when the plane landed in a field in Pennsylvania. 

Do you wonder how much media coverage is too much?  The debate about how it should be covered this year has been discussed among magazines and television networks.  They have felt that it is a fine line between commemoration and exploitation.  Time magazine sold no ads at all for their issue that covers 9-11.  CNN is to show a joint HBO-Time special commercial-free.  How much time should be devoted to terrorists’ attacks?   It is a very hard time for those who lived through the events, or lost family members and loved ones.  If you have seen the program, “Rescue Me,” you know that it has been dedicated to keeping the memories alive of those firemen who gave their lives in 9-11.  Even though it is fiction, it is about a New York City Firehouse, and pays tribute to those they had worked with before the tragedy occurred. 

Are we better off now than we were 10 years ago?  In some ways, our homeland security, military actions, restrictions on civil liberties, and national politics may have improved.  It just seems that ten years of war in various countries is enough.  We know our economy is worse; there is too much unemployment. 

 Ronald K. Noble, Secretary General of Interpol, says the internet may be replacing Afghanistan as terrorist training grounds.  Cyberspace can be a means for planning targets of terrorism and crime.  Many terrorists still continue to travel by using aliases and fraudulent travel documents.  One-hundred eighty-eight countries approved the creation in Singapore of a global complex to better prepare the world to fight cybercrime and cybersecurity- Interpol. 

Quoting, Interpol’s Secretary General Noble:  “So as we honor the memories of those who perished 10 years ago, it is time to ask ourselves if we have done all that we can to prevent another 9/11 or other serious attack. A great deal has been done to make us all safer, but far too little to make sure that we are safe from the global terror and criminal threat.

If we act today, in 10 years’ time, we may not just be catching up after the latest attack, we may have prevented it.”

Source: N.Y. Times

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  1. my heart goes ot to the famlies and loved one’s of this tragic day. may god be with you. i know you have madea sacrifice that no one should have to make. our prayer’s will be with you. god bless all the men ;women and children that lost thier live’s on this day. god bless america. wayne and lynn parr

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