Whether you’ve a swanky new Notebook or an old (but much-loved) PC, it’s essential to protect your belongings. Security labels from asset tags providers like Seton can really help, so why not stock up on these handy products? They’re pretty useful – here’s why.

Asset tags deter thieves.

Asset tags are small, adhesives that can be applied to all kinds of office and personal equipment. They can help protect your laptop, printer, mobile phone – or anything else that might prove valuable to an opportunistic thief – as they show each item’s accounted for. These burglars are less likely to pinch anything that can be retraced, so it makes sense to label your products.

What’s more, asset tags made from tamper-evident materials leave a nasty stain when removed – helping police track stolen goods. Experts highly recommend them for keeping your equipment safe, so it’s definitely worth seeing what’s available online. Browse the web, make an order and safeguard your gadgets and gizmos (which can be expensive to replace).

Security labels can help with inventory management.

If you run a small business or own lots of technical equipment, asset tags can help you keep track of everything. The idea is, you buy them in bulk, label up your valuables and scan the serial number or barcode into an inventory management system. This will make stock taking a lot easier and will give you more time to do other tasks. If equipment’s goes missing, you’ll know what items need replacing and will be able to report the specific product to the police.

Barcoded and non-barcoded asset tags can be bought from reputable suppliers at a great price, so you can choose a product to suit your needs. They can be attached to a whole range of surfaces and are highly durable – meaning they’ll last for years. Portable scanners and label printers can also be bought online, so why not find out more today?

Asset tags aid identification

Believe it or not, security labels can now be custom made to suit your business requirements. They can contain a personal message or logo and help identify all products if they go lost or missing. Asset tags of this kind also look highly professional and stand out among Windows 7 logos, Intel Core stickers and other branded adhesives.

If you decide to tag your equipment, place all labels on the front of gadgets so they can be easily seen. Well-positioned tags will offer maximum protection and will safeguard anything expensive.

You can most definitely increase security at work and home by using asset tags. Click here to have a look at Seton’s range and see if they’re right for you.

This good advice comes to us from our friend Matt Hornsby, who lives in Liverpool.  We appreciate your sharing this with our readers, Matt.  I’ve also heard that taking pictures of your valuables can be helpful when replacing them in the event of a fire, storm, or burglary.  More of Matt’s articles can be seen at




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