10 Rules to Avoid Domestic Accidents

Domestic accidents are an integral part of our lives and one cannot ignore them completely. Especially when you have small children in your house and a lot of clutter as well, you must expect some form of contingencies in your house. The best way to prevent such accidents is to exercise caution where you can. Many times, adults too fall victim to domestic accidents. Besides implementing appropriate steps to avoid such accidents, also maintain a complete first aid box to provide immediate medical attention to the person.

In this article we will tell you 10 rules to avoid domestic accidents so your loved ones are safe:

1. Avoid Too Much Clutter at Home

The more your house is cluttered, the greater are the chances that anyone could face contingencies. This happens because things are not organized and are thus placed at the wrong places. For example, scissors on your bed or over your sofa can be equally dangerous for both children and adults.

2. Keep Dangerous Items Out Of Reach of Children

Dangerous items include sharp items, glass items, cleaners, chemicals, blades, sharp tools, match boxes etc. Children are not aware of the consequences of the wrong use of these items and your absence can be very dangerous.

3. Keep the Garage Closed At All Times

Garages should be kept closed at all times of the day when no one’s around since it has equipment, tools, flammable liquid and maybe chemicals that can be dangerous for any one including adults who do not know the correct usage of such things.

4. Ensure the Pool Area Is Fenced

This is really important when you have small children in your house. Install fences so that even if your child strolls around, there is no danger of him/her drowning in the pool.

5. Keep Away Sharp Objects in the Kitchen Out Of Reach

Children make their way inside kitchens very easily and you cannot shun them always, instead keep away sharp objects away and do not leave them on counter-tops and tables.

6. Never Let Your Children Come Near the Gas Oven or Hold Knobs

Gas ovens alone account for a high number of domestic accidents. Keep your child away from gas ovens and gas knobs. Tell them it’s very dangerous right away so they do not come into contact with them even if you are away.

7. Keep Glass Bottles, Frames and Mirrors at Safe Places

Take off even slightly scratched glass from your coffee table, dining table, picture frames etc. These can be equally dangerous for both adults and children.

8. Arrange Your Glass Furniture and Decoration Pieces Wisely

Arrange glass furniture and decoration pieces wisely as anyone might knock over them. Avoid placing heavy glass at low levels in smaller settings.

9. Do Not Leave Your Children Alone In Bathrooms

Children love playing with water and everyone else does too, but doing so in a bathtub in the bathroom can be fatal as well!

10. Keep Your Store Room Locked Away

Store rooms are hardly ever very clean and organized. Mostly, people keep them full of old furniture, and things that can be potentially harmful in storerooms. A storeroom full of such items is surely a great threat for anyone.


Andrew works in the healthcare industry distributing daily living aids and bathroom aids. As part of his job, Andrew has gained experience on the risk of domestic accidents and how to avoid then.  (We at Blog4Safety appreciate Andrew’s advice on avoiding accidents in our homes.