During the winter months, taking care of your weight is a hassle. The cold makes it difficult to exercise and you need to have plenty of food to maintain the body heat. Coming off the winter season, you will have gained a few extra pounds that will be clinging to you. The best to get your weight on track is by improving your overall health. Follow the best tips for a perfect spring health kick and you will be able to cut down the excess flab.

1. Get Up and Start Moving

The lack of physical activity during winter has to be compensated for. Exercise is the foremost way to get a spring health kick. As the weather improves, exercising becomes easier. The lungs won’t hurt and you won’t face shortness of breath. You don’t have to sweat it out at the gym. You can complete a daily regimen with a 20 to 30 minute walk. If you have the time, take short power walks or runs several times a day. Exercise gets your blood up and running through the body. Improved blood flow takes care of a number of health problems as well as keeping your skin and hair healthy.

2. Stop Smoking and Drinking

Smoking is extremely harmful to your health. Since most of the winter months are spent indoors, smoking regularly will have caused major damage. Quitting cigarettes is the perfect way to get some fresh air into your tired respiratory system. Alcohol is fattening and can wreak havoc on your digestive system. When intoxicated, you are bound to overeat and the slow metabolism makes it nearly impossible for the food to digest properly.

3. Keep Healthy Food in the House

You decide to eat healthy for a change. When dinner time comes along, you find there isn’t much in the way of healthy food. This is a problem faced by many people. They don’t have healthy food in the house. You are not going to change your eating habits unless and until you have the options in front of you. It is time you filled your fridge up with fruits and vegetables instead of soft drinks and chocolates.

4. Sleep Well

People usually sleep longer when the weather is cold. Now that the season is changing, you have to adjust accordingly. Alter your routine to ensure that you get sufficient sleep. Proper sleep ensures that all your body’s systems are working fine. It is a precursor to an overall healthy lifestyle.

5. Have Breakfast

Last, but not the least, starting having breakfast daily. Go for a light and nutritious meal. Make sure you don’t leave your home on an empty stomach. When you don’t eat for an extended period of time, your body slows down the metabolism causing problems with digestion. Since you haven’t eaten for quite a few hours, you are bound to eat more than the usual meal to compensate for it.

These are the 5 top tips for a spring health kick.

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