Top ten personal safety tips for kids

Kids are the most endearing and adorable people around, giving joy and pleasure to everyone around. However, they are equally vulnerable to outside dangers and harmful factors. It becomes very crucial and important that they are taught the simple basics of personal safety once they are capable enough to apprehend the lurking dangers. If properly explained and taught the art of self defense and self protection, kids can show a remarkable sense of maturity when the time comes.

Here are the top 10 tips of personal safety for kids:

1. Travel only in known vehicles

Kids sometimes can impulsively take a lift from strangers, if they are late to school or classes. They should never indulge in climbing into any unknown vehicle for the fear of being kidnapped or whisked away for personal gains. It is wise to teach kids only to ride vehicles of known people.

2. Be aware of your surroundings

Kids should be aware of their surroundings and be quick enough to notice any untoward happenings in the vicinity. This will make the kids respond quickly and take flight before any harm is done. You need to teach the kids to have an eye for detail especially in the regular paths that they tread.

3. Carrying only what is needed

Kids should never make a habit of carrying unwanted things such as loads of money or any costly items that can attract thugs to harm them. Thieves are always lurking around and watch the behavior of kids, since they are the most susceptible to sweet talk. Kids should also not carry harmful items such as guns or knives, even if it is for self protection. This can trigger any time and lead to untowardly incidents.

4. Scream for help

Whenever you think you are in danger you can simply shout for help. Almost always, people who are in the vicinity will respond positively to a child’s cry for help and you may be saved from a grave situation. There is no harm in shouting and no one will think twice that a kid has screamed unnecessarily.

5. Be alert

Kids should always be alert in today’s violent scenarios. Any sign of a crowd fight or a mob attack should be sensed at once so that you can run to safety before any harm is done. Whether a fire breaks up or there is building collapse, kids should be quick enough to understand the gravity of the situation and respond instantly.

6. Show bravery

If you think you are being stalked or followed, do not panic. Be calm and composed and see that you reach a place that has enough people around so that you can ask for help. If kids become scared and behave cowardly then the situation may go out of hand and help may come a tad too late.

7. Keep in touch with near and dear

Kids should always carry the phone numbers and addresses of their parents or guardians. This can be of timely help especially if a kid is lost in a crowd. If the kids do not know where to go, it becomes easy for the surrounding well wishers to escort them safely back to their homes.

8. Be wary of strangers

This should be strictly followed by kids that they never ever talk to an unknown person. No one will take the child’s reaction in the wrong way even if they are your close relatives you are meeting for the first time. In fact, they may appreciate the child’s safety sense that the kid is showing ample maturity in this regard.

9. Be careful in water

Many a mishap has occurred in the pool due to simple safety tips not followed by kids. Even if your kids are good swimmers, you need to teach them the basic dangers of water and what to do and what not to do with water. Swimming pools, sea shores are the single most places that have proved fatal to many kids due to lack of personal safety by kids and their guardians.

10. Never walk alone

Kids should always play or walk in groups, so that if in trouble, there is someone else to help you out of the situation. What’s more, you are not exposed to dangers of kidnapping for ransom by stalkers and thieves.

Personal safety is a must for every kid to avoid any untoward happenings. Small personal safety measures can go a long way in keeping your child safe and secure, so that he goes on to grow into an amazing adult who will achieve something in life.


About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of blogging. Recently an article on Home Designs attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on acne vulgaris.  Thank you, Kelly; let’s hope that parents will take these good tips to heart.  Our world is certainly not as safe as it once was.



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