There are times when there are small fires at your home. In a state of shock, you usually panic and call the fire brigade when you could have easily extinguished it yourself. In unfortunate incidents, there are also chances that these small fires could end up turning ugly and disastrous till the time fire brigade reaches your place. Therefore, keeping convenient and easy to use materials or equipments at your home to tackle such situations is a must. 

Fire blankets are one such option which can quickly, easily and efficiently help you to extinguish small household fires, all by yourself. These blankets are usually used in the kitchen area as there are chances of small stove or electrical fires in this part of your house. Usually, fire needs three different elements to keep on going. These are oxygen, heat and fuel. In the absence of any one, the fire ceases to exist. This is the principle on which fire resistant blankets work. These blankets make use of fire resistant material which blocks out any one of the three elements which keep a fire going. Depending on the usage and manufacturer, these blankets may be made out of different types of materials. Blankets which are made for small household fires are made up of fiberglass. 

How do these blankets work 

When you put a fire resistant blanket on top of the fire correctly, it starts suffocating the flames. By covering the whole surface area of the fire, these blankets cut off the oxygen supply which let the fire grow. By cutting the supply of oxygen, these blankets make sure that the fire does not grow and spread. Make sure that you do not try to extinguish big fires with the help of these blankets. Fire resistant blankets help in extinguishing only small household fires. In case of a big fire, just leave the area and give a call to the fire brigade. 

Storing Fire resistant blankets

Fire blankets can be easily stored in any corner of your home. They come in small plastic packages when you buy them. The package usually comes along with a manual. This manual has all the necessary instructions on how to store and use a blanket in times of need. Make sure that you go through all the instructions at the time of purchase. Depending on the manufacturers and the usage of the blanket, different blankets may have different instructions. So, you should read the instructions on how to unpack and use a blanket as soon as you purchase it. Fire blankets should be usually kept or stored in an area which is prone to small fires. This area may include kitchen or an additional cooking area where you might be keeping your grill or barbeque. Also remember to not lock away the blanket in a cabinet. Make sure that it is easily accessible whenever it is needed. The best place may be the kitchen wall or somewhere near the additional cooking area. These blankets are usually packed in a way so that they can be easily thrown over a small fire when needed.

Thanks, Sachin, for this information.  I think I may try one of those fire blankets!