As we say in Texas, “if you don’t like the weather, hang around for a while….. it’ll change!”  It’s either feast or famine, no happy in-between most of the time.  Last year, many parts of the Southwest experienced a drought they will never forget.  Tanks were dry, animals had to be sold due to a lack of both water and growth of food.  This year, thankfully, in many parts of Texas, rains have come pretty regularly and things have greened up better than usual.  However, we’re experiencing a pretty dry July, so we have much more heat ahead of us.  So, we continue to pray for rain. 

This year, wildfires have devastated Colorado, New Mexico, and other Southwestern states, as well as northern states, too.  People have lost their homes and everything they have.  Firefighters do everything they can to contain them; however, Mother Nature controls the winds and other conditions that make them hard to contain.

In the southeast, it’s the opposite: hurricanes develop in the states that border the Gulf Coast.  Much destruction has been experienced there, as well.  It is hard to stay dry in states that get a large accumulation of rain at one time.  Also, I’ve seen quite a few baseball games, and even the Olympic time trials in Oregon, where the rain had no mercy.  Times like that require some coverage – such as some new rain gear

It’s best to be prepared regardless  where we live.  Stay alert to weather forecasts by using your NOAA radio or other weather forecast systems.  There are several mobile apps that you can put on your cell phone free.  Have an emergency plan, just in case, along with a supply of water, non-perishable food, flashlight, cell phone, can opener, blankets, pet food, medicines and important papers you don’t want to lose.  Most things can be replaced, but we only get one time around in life.  

Our friends in other countries have certain weather conditions that we don’t have, so it is important that worldwide, we are ready when nature takes over.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and other devastating events have taken lives and greatly disrupted  normal ways of life.  Weather happenings are not of our making, so we must try to contend with them the best we can.  

Just remember, whatever type of work you do, there is some type of Home Safety Supplies that will be of great help to you when you must be outdoors.  You will notice that all rescue personnel wear their gear when they are carrying out their duties in times of emergencies, so let’s take advantage of the standard required protection, regardless of the weather, or other conditions.