Ten Breeds of Dogs that CoExist Well With Children (Guest Post)

There is good reason for dogs to be called man’s best friend: they are loyal, loveable and playful. But when your kids start begging for a new puppy, you need to do some homework.  There may be some breeds that simply don’t create a safe environment for small children.  Here is a list of loyal and lovable pets that kids will enjoy.
1. Blue Lacy – Not that well known, Lacys are the epitome of loyalty. They are protective provided you show them love, and can be roughhoused with playful children. They don’t mind the ear pulling or the tail pulling; most of them understand that it is a child they are dealing with. Just keep them active and eating right, and you will have a best friend for 12 to 15 years.
2. Beagle – The star of the childhood book “Shiloh,” young beagles are lovable and playful. When trained properly, they are about as loyal as a dog can get.
3. Golden Retriever – Perhaps the most popular dog on this list, golden retrievers are known worldwide for being loyal and outgoing. They work well with kids and can handle some rough play. They are also highly intelligent, which is why many of them are used as helper dogs.
4. Labrador – A type of retriever, the ‘lab’ is an eternally loyal and loving pet. Because of their heightened sense of smell, labs are used by the military and police to track down drugs or guns. While that trait doesn’t help you in your family, it does show that they are good with all kinds of people.
5. Bull Dog – The bull dog makes this list because it is generally the most protective. When bull dogs make an attachment to a family, they will protect that family. With some proper training, your kids will love the slobbering small statured dogs.
6. Collie – Made famous by “Lassie,” collies are great and active dogs. They are also highly intelligent and can be trained to fit your family needs. You just have to make sure that you give them plenty of playtime, and they will form a loyal bond with your family.
7. Pug – As adorable as they are ugly, pugs are rarely aggressive and work well with children. They can be playful one day and docile the next, depending on their mood. Some pugs will face health problems later in their lives, so regular visits to the vets is something you will have to keep in mind.
8. Poodle – As surprising as it sounds, poodles can be very good with kids. There are a variety of poodles to choose from, some more laid back than most. As an added bonus, many of the breeds have hypo-allergenic, meaning that the fur won’t bother your allergies.
9. Saint Bernard – Slow, big and lovable, Saint Bernards can hold a special place with a family. Also, as an added bonus, many cartoons depict the dogs as rescue dogs that carry little wooden flasks of booze around their necks. And cartoons never embellish the truth.
10. A mutt – To go down to the local pound and pick out your dog of choice is one of the more rewarding aspects of dog ownership. You fall in love with a dog and you get the chance to save it. Many mutts are thankful to get out of the cage, and will be your family’s friend for life.

Molly, thank you for this insight into choosing the right breed of dog for your children.  We have had just about every type of dog known, and have found that the mutts are usually the best choice.  As you said, you are not only saving a precious life, but you are creating the gift of unconditional love that your family will receive for years to come.
Molly Cunningham – Liveinnanny.com