When Monitored Home Security is Not an Option by Melonie McLaurin

If you live in a highly urban area, or even a moderate-to-densely populated residential suburb, the importance of a reliable, monitored home security system for your home and family cannot be overstated.  Each year, crime statistics can vary from state to state and among cities of varying sizes and populations, but watching the nightly news will confirm that crime is on the rise in neighborhoods, including wealthy suburban areas on the outskirts of the inner cities.  A large part of home ownership involves investing in the protection of your home:  from fires, floods, break-ins, home invasions, and other dangers that could present a problem for you whether you are present or away.

In the early days of home security systems in the United States, simply having an alarm installed could suffice to keep criminals at bay.  Once they heard the alarm, they would flee the area without waiting around to see whether anyone followed up.  Today, criminals are more brazen than ever and the sound of an alarm is not by itself enough to send them away from your home.  In these times, a monitored home security system from a trusted brand like ADT is the best way to go.

Monitored home security is security that connects to a monitoring center staffed by real people who are trained to respond to your home alarms remotely, and take the correct action to insure your home is protected.  This is very different than the alarms that simply ring; these alarms are connected to people who, if after attempting to contact you to find out whether you are safe, will have authorities dispatched to the location immediately if no answer is received.  This means that even if you, for some reason, are unable to respond to their attempt to reach you, they will still send help right away.

If you entrust your home to substandard home security, or worse, no home security at all, you run the risk of inviting crime rather than deterring it. Difficult economic conditions contribute to spikes in crime attempts, especially thefts of valuable items such as laptops, jewelry, and other portable objects that can be quickly traded off for cash or other goods.  Why make it easy for them, when you could have electronic, wireless, monitored home security from ADT helping you deter crime 24 hours a day, ready to respond in the event of unplanned emergencies?  Living in the city doesn’t have to cause you worry with adequate home security installed.  Consider it an investment in your peace of mind.




  1. I share the same logic… why would you want an alarm that rings out to give them time and warning that police would be on there way… have a silent alarm and make them think they are getting away with it.

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