Helmets are very necessary whenever you are riding a two wheeler. In most of the states, they are even mandatory. This is because helmets serve the basic purpose of protecting your head while riding or in case of a crash. Moreover, they also keep you comfortable when you are riding a bike. Most of the people think that helmets are only for your protection. But, it is very important to keep comfort in mind because you will be spending most of the time in riding the bike rather than crashing it somewhere. 

In most countries, motorbike helmets are divided into four different categories. Helmets also have to be certified through various tests. These may be associated with DOT or SNELL or other departments. You should make sure that you always buy genuine helmets so that you are completely protected and comfortable while riding a bike. In this article, we will discuss different types of helmets which are used in places all around the world. These helmets are the most commonly used motorcycle helmets. 

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets 

1) Full face helmets – These type of helmets are recommended by most of the experts. They are completely safe and comfortable. Full face helmets cover your whole head and face so that you are comfortable while riding and protected even if you crash. Most of these helmets have a flip up visor which can even be easily removed. Visors come in tints as well as with total clarity. These helmets also come in different styles, which you can choose from according to your needs and preferences. 

2) Modular or Flip face helmets – These helmets lie somewhere between the comfort of a 3 / 4 helmets and the protection of full face helmets. The visor is attached to the lower part of the helmet which can be flipped up. Most of the people find these helmets neither comfortable nor completely safe. But, modular helmets look quite different and stylish. This is the reason why most people buy them. Moreover, modular helmets are considered to be safer than 3 / 4 helmets. You should always go for these helmets if you think that full face helmets are not for you. 

3) 3 / 4 helmets – These helmets were extremely popular a couple of decades back. Full face and modular helmets are usually heavy and bulky. Therefore, people use 3 / 4 helmets because they are very comfortable. 3 / 4 helmets come in various different colors and give a trendy look. But when you think about safety and protection, 3 / 4 helmets are not a wise choice. They expose your chin and lower face leaving them unprotected. 

4) Half helmets – These helmets are also known as brain buckets or puddle cups. These helmets are not very safe if you crash. They almost expose your whole face while you are crashing or even riding. Your face is even exposed to dirt when you are riding a bike. Half motorbike helmets are usually used by only cruise riders. However, these helmets should be avoided if you have other options.

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