Bicycling is usually a very common mode of travelling among children and teenagers, as it is inexpensive and environment friendly. Today apart from being a common mode of transportation for many across the world, it is also a world famous sport. Risk of injury is involved in every sport be it swimming, running, riding and so on and bicycling is no different. The amount of risk involved in cycling on the road is greater than any other sport, that is played within a boundary. Hence, it becomes all the way more  important to take a few measures of safety before indulging yourself in cycling. 

No matter if you are a trained cyclist, or a regular cycle commuter, this article is specifically written for you to prevent you from unexpected and undesired circumstances. It is necessary to take necessary precautions to prevent injuries. Small injuries can heal quickly, but serious ones heal may take long to recover or sometimes never heal. This could result in many undesired circumstances which is dreaded by every person. Prevention is better than cure should be the mantra of every one.  

 Safety Tips for Riding a Bicycle 

Wear a Helmet

  • ●        The golden rule – always wear a helmet that is approved by consumer product safety commission, while riding a bike.
  • ●        Never leave your straps unlocked.
  • ●        Always wear a  cotton hat underneath the helmet.
  • ●        If your old helmet is all broken then buy a new helmet.
  • ●        One should never compromise on the safety standards while buying a helmet. 

Wear Proper Clothes

  • ●        It is very important to wear a proper and comfortable clothes while bicycling.
  • ●        One should not wear loose pants as they can get stuck in the bicycle.
  • ●        Do not listen to music while riding as this could distract you from listening  to the traffic sounds.
  • ●        Always wear shoes, instead of sandals, and flat slippers while riding a bicycle , as this could damage your ankle.  

Check Your Brakes

  • ●        Always check your brakes before riding a bike.
  • ●        Make sure the brake wire is not loose.
  • ●        Get the tyre pressure and bicycle chain checked everyday, or at least twice in a week. 

Follow The Traffic and Road Rules

  • ●        While riding a bicycle always check for traffic signals, people crossing the roads, puddles, wet grounds, gravels, rains and storms.
  • ●        Do not speed up in crowded places as this could not only harm them but also you.
  • ●        Non-compliance of the traffic rules will not only harm you but also land you in jail.
  • ●        Obey traffic, as well as road rules to avoid major injuries, road accidents and other destruction. 

Do Not Ride At Night

  • ●        Avoid riding a bike at night as much as possible as you are not visible to car and truck drivers, which increases your chances of serious accidents.
  • ●        If necessary ride with bicycle lights and reflectors on your clothes or bike. 

Follow the above mentioned rules and preventive measures to avoid any kind of mishappening. Taking necessary precautions will not only save you, but will also let you enjoy your fun time without any unnecessary stress and hassles. Click here to know more in this context. 

Happy Cycling!

Author Bio:

Sachin is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as health and safety.  He has published more than 500 articles about various topics.  You can Click Here to visit his website.  He loves to travel and make new friends.


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