Ways to Exercise your Eyes

Today, a majority of professionals working in different industry use computers for long hours in their daily office work. This could easily strain your eyes, hence carrying out proper exercises for them become mandatory. These exercises could make your eyes stronger and at the same time relieves the strain caused to them.  Below is the list of some useful exercises which can help you in improving eye health and making your them free from strain. 


You may be surprised to see breathing in the list of eye exercises; however, this could help you in relieving the stress in your body along with relaxing your eyes. Before doing this, you are supposed to remove your glasses and then try breathing. For this, find a comfortable place to sit. Check your breathing rhythm, inhale air deeply via your nose. Your lungs should expand with the air taken inside followed by exhaling slowly from your mouth. You need to feel your stomach and chest deflating in a proper shape. Repeat these steps for several times.

While doing so, your eyelids should hang heavy, your eyes should remain unfocused and at the same time keeping the eyes relaxed till you close them slowly. You need to relax your body without putting any tension with slow movements. Continue your breathing for three minutes. Lastly, open your eyes without looking at anything in particular. Allow your eyes to remain unfocused so that they can get some light in a relaxed and natural way.


Massaging your eyes too is an effective way to get rid of the strain in your eyes. All you need is a clean towel soaked in both hot and cold water and then press lightly to your face with focusing more on your close eyelids, eyebrows, and cheeks. Also, rub the hot soaked towel over your forehead and neck. While massaging your eyes, you are supposed to do it in a circular motion using your fingers for one or two minutes. To avoid any eye damage, you need to press them in light fashion with properly washed hands.


This exercise for your eyes could help you in alleviating your strain over your eye muscles. Looking at one fixed point for longer duration cold restrain your blood flow, hence you need to loosen up your eye muscles by scanning your entire room. You can do this by either sitting or in a standing position or even while moving in any direction.

While scanning, you need to relax your eyes with proper breathing, looking around your room. Since the goal of this exercise is to move your eyes in different directions, hence you are supposed to shift it anywhere with your natural breathing and blinking processes. Also, while doing so, you are required to release any tension found around your jaw, mouth, and neck. Keep doing this for two minutes.

Near and far focus

Working on a computer for long hours could deter you in refocusing between your computer screen and the object that’s kept away at some distance. Trying this exercise can help you in making your eye muscles more flexible while gazing at diverse distances. To begin with, you need to find a comfortable position and start breathing in a natural way. Now, simply hold your thumb around six inches away from your eyes by keeping it straight across your nose.

Then gaze at your thumb by taking a deep breath followed by exhaling out slowly. Now, look at any object which is placed at around ten feet away from you. Now, take a deep breath by exhaling out slowly and looking at your thumb again. You are supposed to repeat gazing at your thumb and a far away object in an alternate order up to 15 times.

Wrapping up

Your eyes are important organ of your body. For a healthy body, you need to take care of these. The above exercises would help you in boosting appropriate amount of visual function along with helping to relieve computer eye stress.

About the author:  Margaret Jules is a writer/blogger. She loves to spent time on Ergonomic GymyGym exercise. She also loves to read more about exercise on bornrich.