Jobs in the construction industry can be divided into two broad categories: labour and management. In either category, there are countless opportunities to secure jobs with sub-contractors, contractors, private organizations and municipal agencies. Construction as an industry can be very rewarding if you are willing to work hard. There are good employment benefits and the pay-rate is also higher compared to jobs in other industries. Here are 7 steps that could make getting a job in the construction industry easy for you. 

  • Know your vocational inclinations to understand which type of position in the construction industry would suit you the most. If you like physical work, a labour based position should be your choice. On the other hand, if you are not averse to paper-work, like compiling budgetary allocations, and co-ordinating projects, you might be better suited for a managerial post.   (It must be noted that managerial posts would require the candidate to have degrees in business, architecture management or engineering. Even in case of labourers, some sort of minimum qualification like a high-school diploma or an equivalent is required for minimum eligibility.) 
  • Research the various types of jobs available in the construction industry. There are general labour jobs like carpentry, wood-framing, drywall work and door installations. On the other hand, speciald labour would include electrical work, plumbing, painting, masonry and concrete work. You need to take time in properly researching the different aspects of the industry and look at them from the perspective of your vocation before starting your job hunt. 
  • You would need to narrow down your search based on the type of job you are looking for. For example, if you wish to occupy a managerial or general labour post, you will need to target general contracting companies which handle all aspects of a construction project. 
  • Keep tabs on the local construction activities in your area. This would allow you to predict accurately the demand for the type of employees. It will also allow you to sound informed about local trends in a job interview, further bettering your chances of landing the job. 
  • Look for trade schools and/or apprenticeship programs being offered in your locality by community colleges or trade unions. Possessing a degree in your chosen trade would keep you ahead in the competition. In case of an apprenticeship, you will get assistance in securing a job while taking classes at night to augment your skills in the chosen trade. 
  • Keep your eyes open for construction jobs listed in the local newspapers. Apply to the appropriate openings with your resume and then follow the instructions specified in the ad. It is also a good idea to constantly follow up on your applications through e-mails and phone-calls until you land a job. 
  • Take initiative in contacting prominent contractors or sub-contractors even if they are not looking to hire anybody new. It would be preferable to meet them face to face about your interest in working for them. If not, leave a letter and a copy of your resume.


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Many thanks, Penny, for this good advice about securing a job in this industry.  The key is to be “willing to work hard” in many jobs; and, there are folks out there who need work, so we hope these suggestions will help them to emphasize their willingness to do just that when they are seeking employment.  It also would be wise to assure them that they will be a careful and safe employee.  pb