Improving work safety means being aware of the different security solutions available, whether for specific businesses, or as more general security systems. A comprehensive monitoring system should be a priority for most businesses, and in particular one that can be accessed remotely, and that can bring together a number of functions around a single real time system.

At the same time, it is important for businesses to think about the extent of their video surveillance, and how this can be improved and customized to the needs of an individual company and premises. More on these essential security systems can be found below:

Comprehensive Monitoring Systems

A comprehensive monitoring system essentially means one where a number of different functions are compatible with each other, and accessed via a single piece of software. Burglar alarms, security cameras, locking mechanisms, and staff logins can all be placed through advanced software that can run within a building on a 24 hour basis. These systems can combine wired and wireless functions, and can ideally be accessed from outside a property. Alarm and intruder reports can be sent on to a manager via their laptops or smartphones, and can include videos of break in’s. Having a real time system for checking security can also help to monitor the use of staff login card and keys, as well as who has access to a staff intranet.

Video Surveillance

Most businesses invest in some form of video surveillance. However, just relying on CCTV video cameras can be limited if they are cut, or are easily visible from the street. Some businesses even take a gamble on fake cameras as a deterrent to potential intruders. Another option are discreet digital cameras, which can be placed out of immediate view, but can record in night vision and infrared modes, as well as in high definition.

Images can be stored onto a digital video recorder, and archived onto hard drives. These kinds of digital records can be more easily searched along a timeline than video cassettes, and can allow security guards and managers a much more precise record of activity around a property.

It is an unfortunate fact that workers who are subject to unsafe environments can be litigious, so it makes sense to invest in resources that prevent accidents before they happen.

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Sebastian recommends that before you commit to investing in security systems that you contact a number of providers to ensure you’re providing your workers with a compatible and competitive system for your business.


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