Sent to us by Joe Schembri

Road trips have become one of the favorite choices for family vacations. Hopping into a motorhome with your loved ones can save the cost of airfare and make the vacation much more affordable. An even bigger draw is the element of adventure that comes with taking to the open road. Families tend to plan out their itinerary, attractions to visit, places to eat, but most don’t plan for emergencies. It can be fun to take an unexpected detour, but make sure that any surprises that come up are pleasant ones.

Unfortunately, some surprising elements can end up ruining your road trip if you aren’t careful. If you and your family are driving at night, heading towards an RV park where you’ll camp for the night and your tire blows out, would you be ready for it? Preparation is the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major setback for your vacation. Here are some vital emergency supplies that you should be sure to gather before travelling.

Spare tire

Having a spare tire is not enough. Most people are sure not to drive without a spare tire, but not everyone checks to assure that the tire is in working order. What good is a spare tire if it is not in good condition? Before heading out on a road trip, make sure that your spare tires are in perfect condition.

Jack and Tire Iron

Having a working spare tire will do you no good without a jack and tire iron to help you change the tire. Make sure that the jack is working properly before you set out. As for the tire iron, a 4 way tire iron is the best choice. This tool can provide more leverage for difficult lug nuts, which is especially important if you are driving a rental car or RV.

Rain gear

There is nothing quite like rainstorms to make your bad luck feel even worse. If it starts raining when you are trying to change a tire, the experience will be much easier if you have the appropriate rain gear to keep you dry and improve visibility.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a vital safety tool for any traveler. Make sure that it is always accessible. If an emergency breaks out, you don’t want to have to dig out the extinguisher from below your luggage.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is an absolute must, no matter where you are travelling. Injuries can happen anywhere, so a well-stocked first aid kit can help treat minor wounds and even prevent an unplanned trip to the emergency room. Like the other supplies, check this kit before your departure and restock any missing supplies.

Jumper cables

A dead battery can put a damper on your travel plans and ruin your planned itineraries if you don’t have jumper cables handy. Why wait for roadside assistance when a quick battery jump can get you back to your fun plans?

Cat litter

Cat litter is a must for any cold weather road trip. If you’re driving in snow or ice this can help provide traction if you’re stuck. It can help you to get back on the road without having to call for help and wait for a tow truck.

Credit card and cash

It is important to make sure that you have access to money in case of an emergency. Have multiple forms of payment available just in case. Some places may not take credit cards, so have cash on hand as well. Your money is your last resort if your safety supplies don’t cover the scope of your emergency.

Being prepared before travelling allows you to have peace of mind. You don’t want to spend your vacation worrying about what might go wrong. Moreover, you don’t want an actual problem to occur and derail your fun. Safety supplies can assure that your trip is wonderful and full of only lovely surprises. 

This guest post was provided by Joe Schembri from Tampa, FL. Joe has traveled in everything from a small sedan to a Class C Motorhome and learned about some of these safety tips the hard way.