Written by Georgina Clatworthy

The cost of personal injuries that occur in the workplace is the second largest expense to any business. These costs include insurance premiums, health and safety measures to prevent injury, and payments made to employees that have been injured. For the benefit of company and employee, reducing the number of incidents that occur is always a top priority. 

While there are many ways in which you can improve safety measures around the workplace, the best way to make effective change is to use raw data. Our attorneys Charleston SC based advise that using accident records and statistics from your company, and those in similar industries, will help create a picture of what “really” takes place in the work environment and how to address those concerns.

Why “How It Should Be” And “How It Is” Can Be Very Different

Many businesses are surprised when someone is injured on the job when they believed all the correct safety measures were in place. The truth is, however, that what often makes sense on paper does not apply to the workplace situation. People are in fact only people, and when an event arises that poses a risk, each will react differently. It is nearly impossible to prepare for every contingency, which is why researching work accident data is so important to prevent further accidents.

  • Reviewing accident data: When you review accident data, you will be able to gain insightful knowledge of how the event occurred, even if safety measures were in place. You will be able to read the event from the employee’s perspective. The data provides you with useful information on how to change your safety standards or create additional employee training measures to avoid this type of event from occurring again.
  • Look at other industries: Utilizing information from other industries that are the same or similar to the business in question will also provide significant information. This data will provide an overall look at workplace events in a “real world” manner. This information is invaluable, and will provide the best source of knowledge to create a safe work environment.

Using Accident Records And Statistics Has Proven Very Successful

As more companies take the time to review this type of data, and use it for to their advantage, the overall amount of workplace injuries has decreased. In the last decade, the overall number of claims filed for temporary or permanent disability has dropped in regards to workplace events. This is very encouraging for both employees and businesses.  Employees that feel safe at work are more productive. When productivity rises, the business and the employees benefit in many ways. It is an overall good situation.

In the end, raw data provides the right type of information needed to create a safe workplace. This data may be as simple as showing a need for ergonomic office furniture to reduce lower back pain and carpal tunnel claims, or as important as showing a need for additional heavy equipment training. 

Use of this type of data has already shown a reduction in workplace related claims across every industry, which is beneficial to all parties involved. Reduced injuries and claims strengthen employee confidence and lowers operating expenses. 

Georgina Clatworthy is a legal writer interested in topics relating to personal injury and accidents.  She contributes this article on behalf of Howell and Christmas, a firm of attorneys Charleston SC based.  Workplace injuries can account for a large number of the total injury claims made across the USA every year.  Consulting with an experienced attorney, should an injury occur at work or somewhere else, will ensure you not only receive the damages you deserve but also that your rights are protected throughout the claims process.



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