This article was sent to us by Kirsty Terry, referring to U.K. road safety.  Much of the information applies to U.S. drivers, as well. Kirsty later sent me a “Texas Friendly” version of the article, as I had no idea what a lorry was. (It’s a truck!) Pat

In recent years there has been a marked increase in the investment from the Government into Road Safety campaigns. And with the on-going encouragement to get more people cycling instead of driving the need to educate road users in all areas is far greater. There are a large number of potentially fatal hazards associated with driving – so here are some ways to help you drive as safely as possible…

Driver CPC – The Driver CPC is an EU course to help improve the quality of driving for truckers through their knowledge and skills.  The deadline for lorry drivers to have completed their CPC is September 2014. New drivers since 2009 have had to complete the course to get their licence.

Alcohol – any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. If you have had alcohol within the past few hours it is advisable to seek another way home – always have a taxi number in your phone.

Mobile Phones – using a mobile phone while driving means you’re 4 times more likely to crash. It is also illegal. If you must be on the phone while travelling then always use a hands-free.

Tiredness – an estimated 20% of accidents on trunk roads and motorways are sleep-related – all those signs you see on the roadside about take a break? They are there for a reason! Don’t drive tired!

Seatbelt – not wearing a seatbelt can be fatal both for the driver and for passengers (even if you are sitting in the back seat).

Speed – speed limits are there for a reason, getting somewhere a few minutes faster is not worth risking a life over.

Physical modifications – Trucks have limited visibility from the drivers cab but there are a few ways in which to improve it. You could add a side-guard, side sensor or mirror system to your truck.

The key thing though is Awareness. Being aware of other road users is one of the most effective ways to drive safely so here are some tips…  Indicate well in advance of turning so anyone coming up beside you knows you will soon cross their path. Pass horses and riders slow and wide on country roads. Adapt your style of driving to the weather conditions – driving when the road is icy is worlds away from how you drive in dry weather. Know the height, weight and width of your vehicle – you don’t want to be one of those people pictured with their truck stuck under a bridge….

Safety should always be a priority for truck drivers – Fact. 

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