Electrical Devices and Testing (Guest Post)

 By Penny Cooper

With new gadgets, appliances and products being developed and many more being released in the market on a daily basis, our lives revolve around shunting from one electrical appliance to another. The three features of such electricity driven devices which has garnered them so much popularity is that they are affordable, easy to use and save us time. 

Advantages of electric gadgets & appliances  

To elaborate, when such devices were first introduced in the market, they were very expensive and considered a luxury item, but no more. This is because as demand for them has increased, so has their supply. Competitive pricing has ensured that cheaper versions of all such gadgets are easy to find and even easier to buy. 

Most such electrical appliances work on a simple closed circuit principle and can be turned off and on according to a conveniently placed, and plugged, switch with the simple flick of a hand, making them easy to operate. Lastly, these electricity charged devices be it a mixer, an oven or a printer save us a lot of time and energy which we can then channelize to a more constructive purpose.  

Dangers of such electric devices 

While the usefulness of such electricity powered devices has never been questioned, increasing number of deaths from exposure to raw electricity has certainly raised questions about the safety of such appliances in both, domestic and commercial settings. The most common dangers resulting from the use, and over use, of such electrical devices are infrared radiation, loss of electrical energy, short circuit, and in worst cases fire. 
Out of all these, the most potent threat posed by ill maintained electrical devices is infrared radiation which is known to have an adverse effect on our health, on long term exposure. What makes this infrared radiation dangerous is the fact that this kind of radiation is known to be absolutely undetectable to the human senses, and only specially designed and devised gadgets can isolate it and read its point of origin. 

Advantages of electrical testing 

This is why professional electric testing is simply a must for all domestic and industry spaces. While there are numerous electrical companies offering electrical testing, you need to find one that is reliable, affordable and thorough in their inspection. Also, it is generally a good idea to go with a company that is proficient in the latest developments in the electrical testing field, as this field is relatively new but evolving at a quick pace. 

Using cutting edge, new gadgets like the FLIR E40 Thermal Imaging Camera; such specialists can locate even the smallest radiation leak, overheating and electrical fault before it causes the circuitry in your establishment to trip or short out, thereby preventing the chances of a fire or electrocution.  

Not surprisingly, the USP of this useful handheld gadget is accurate and exact measurements of even the slightest temperature fluctuation that accompanies any and all electric faults, so that you and your electrical testing company can then nip them in the bud safely and in a timely manner.  

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