European Union Pipe Marking Guide Available (Guest Post)

 Author – Jack Rubinger

Portland, OR – Graphic Products, Inc. has issued the European Union Pipe Marking Guide—a user-friendly, free reference guide of pipe-marking information for general building, refrigeration and medical gas services specific to Europe.

Fully illustrated with application photos, colour charts, pictograms, placement guides and other practical information, this resource was created to help users comply with British (BS) 4800 and RAL colour designations used by the building industry in England and throughout the EU. In addition to meeting legal requirements, correctly identified pipes aid maintenance and repair workers and improve facility safety operations.

“Pipe marking labels communicate pipe contents and directional flow,” explained Steve Stephenson, chief marketing officer at Graphic Products, Inc.Because pipes may be exposed to oil and chemical spills, extreme temperatures and UV sunlight, their marking labels must be industrial-strength, yet easy to read from any distance.” Graphic Products manufactures desktop-based and standalone industrial labeling systems that are capable of printing pipe-marking labels on demand. 

Effectively managing a physical plant is a major responsibility. Adding to the challenge is the massive network of pipes used to convey and distribute potentially hazardous contents. If pipes are left unmarked, workers waste huge amounts of time following and re-following water and steamer lines to track the flow. When emergency strikes, critical time can be lost trying to assess hazard level and determine a course of action. 

Facilities such as food manufacturing plants have anhydrous ammonia refrigeration systems that require pipe marking. Mines also require pipe labels. RAL colour designations are based on flammability, corrosive/toxic, combustible, fire quenching and compressed air. Arrows indicating flow direction are placed before and after the text. These colors provide a quick reference for maintenance and rescue crews. Upstream or downstream pump or tank identification numbers can be used to further clarify the purpose of the pipe. Constant relabeling is needed as companies grow and components need replacing. 

The European Union Pipe Marking Guide offers the following advice for evaluating pipe-marking applications:

  • Existing pipe markers. Are pipes missing pipe markers?
  • Are pipes physically damaged, deteriorated, or greasy? In some cases, pipes may be inhospitable to label adhesives, and pipe sleeves or hanging valve tags must be used.
  • Are pipes accurately labeled, including name, flow direction and label color? 

Graphic Products, Inc. manufactures mobile and wide-format labeling systems used by international shipping lines, distribution centers, mining operations and oil refineries worldwide. Customers include, Boeing, Intel and Toyota. 

Graphic Products offers more than 50 unique labeling supplies tailored toward virtually any industrial demand, as well as a technically advanced label printers for any size job. DuraLabel and Graphic Products have solved problems in the industrial safety arena for more than 40 years. 

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