Good-Bye, 2012!

At the time of this writing, we Americans are all wondering if we are going over the cliff, or hanging on.  It’s sad for our country’s leaders to be so stubborn (on both sides) that they put the public in this type of position at the very last minute.  Businesses can’t set their budgets for the coming year, and many jobs are possibly lost if we do go over.

We (the public) will continue on, whatever happens.  This year has brought several tragedies, such as the Sandy Hook shootings that took 26 lives.  Every year, there are milestones that marr the memories for so many people.  We must hang on, and do whatever we can to see that our part of the world runs smoother.  If we have to get more involved, make phone calls or letters to politicians, we must get the their attention, as their decisions affect the rest of the country.

No year is ever going to bring us one hundred per cent happiness.  It is up to every individual to try to find the path to contentment for their own situation.  We know things are going to happen – either manmade or devastation caused by Mother Nature.  We must be prepared.

Whatever comes our way, let’s all pledge to keep our heads high and treat others with the kindness we want shown to us.

I’m off my soapbox now, but I do want to personally thank all the guest contributors that have been so anxious to share their articles with us this year.  This has enabled us to express different ideas and tips about safety – at home, work, or play, that we all are concerned with.  We have made new friends in Australia, Canada, and many in the United Kingdom, and it is interesting how our words may differ but it all comes back to the main point – safety.  We also receive excellent safety ideas from all over the United States, and thank you so much.

From our parent company, Texas America Safety Company,  and Blog4Safety, we want to say a Happy, Healthy New Year to all of you, and thanks for reading our blog.  We hope to serve you for years to come!  Pat Brownlee