By Marissa Olson.

There are flashlights and there are tactical flashlights.  If you’re wondering what makes these two tools different, it’s mainly with how it’s used.  In the past, flashlights were just a tool for illumination – and it isn’t as bright as we knew today. These days, you can buy a torch with a ton of features that give you the utmost use for it. You can even use a torch for personal defense from a tactical flashlight.

Your Tactical Flashlight, Personal Defense and You

Keep in mind that tactical flashlights or torches don’t have to be huge to help you with your protection.  Even something small can be particularly useful.  Essentially, if you find yourself in the dark and you can’t see a thing, your compact torch can instantly light up the place and let you see things around you – including the ones that can harm you. 

If you hear something going bump in the night and you want to check it out, having a bright tactical flashlight can help you identify threats in your home if there are any.  In many cases, all it takes is for you to shine a light on someone lurking in the shadows around your house to scare them away.  As you can imagine, a sudden shining light would be enough to tell the would-be robber’s instinct to run away. Also, a bright light shining directly at the eyes of your attacker can spawn split second blindness – and this gives you the advantage to get away or defend yourself.

Have you ever thought of using a tactical flashlight as a weapon?  With the way the torches are built these days, you can make it happen.  You get a flashlight that has a bezel built into it.  Although the main purpose of these bezels is to break car windows, you can also use this as a weapon to defend and protect yourself.  When you’re attacked, you can strike the bad guy with this.

Flashlights that are manufactured today go more than just provide for illumination.  It’s also a tool that you can rely on for personal defense – but you don’t have to necessarily deal with a hand to hand combat. On instances when you think someone is trying to get into your home, shining a light on them can get them to run away.  If you’re ever attacked, a light pointed directly into their eyes can help you get away – or do your pre-emptive attack. 

Indeed, the usefulness of tactical flashlights has gone way beyond what it used to.  So whether you’re home or out in camping, a tactical flash light can spell the difference between being safe and getting hurt. Finding one is not a problem since you can easily get them at reputable online stores like

Thanks, Marissa, for this great article.  May I remind our readers, that another handy form of light that enables one to see or be seen are LED lights that clip on hardhats or baseball caps.  They come in handy for bike riders, or others who are working on something after dark. Pat