There are no words that can express the sadness that this country has felt after the news that a gunman walked into a school building and shot and killed twenty children and 8 adults.  One adult victim was his own mother, who experienced her death in her own home, shot by possibly her own gun, and her own car being used by her son to drive to the school. 

Many heroes have been mentioned: teachers, the principal, and others who tried to hide or protect those little innocent students.  Having a six-year old granddaughter, I know how special and meaningful it is to embrace her.  How very sad that their families will never get to hug their children again.  They will never forget that tragic day, taking their kids to school and planning to pick them up at the usual time.  We take that everyday habit for granted. 

It isn’t my place to determine what could put a stop to this madness, but here are some thoughts:  There are movies and video games that give the wrong people bad ideas.  Do we demand that they quit making these games and movies, and/or that people stop buying them for their kids? 

 Do we ask gun owners to give up their weapons?  We have a shotgun in our home for our security.  I do not know how to use a gun, have never had the training and certification that is required.  And I am ready to wage a bet that there are a multitude of folks out there who haven’t had training and certification either.   Is it necessary for people to own the same types of guns that law enforcement and the military to use? 

I do know that there is too much violence on television; types of reality shows that glorify gangs, drug pushers, users, then figuring out who killed whom, and why? Many times they are kids who have known each other all of their lives.  It’s a shame that this type of programming violence sells advertisements.  If only we could bring back the days of clean, wholesome television programs and movies.  (Sorry, but you know this is right!)  There are some good shows, but they are few and far between. 

We all need to live our lives in ways that especially keep our children safe; whatever it takes to fortify the schools, and extracurricular activities they participate in.  They deserve to have the same safety that we had back in the old days.  Blog4Safety and Texas America Safety Company hope that someone, somehow, will figure out just how to make this safety for children a top priority, and in the meantime, we pray for the families of Newtown, Connecticut for healing.