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The Festive Season

So the period of festivities is fast approaching, a chance for everyone to over indulge in good company, food and of course alcohol. For many as well its the perfect chance to let your hair down and relax with work colleagues over a well deserved drink. The office Christmas party is notable for gossip and and the occasional romance but on a much darker note has been responsible for many drink driving offences. Here we look at ways to ensure the party runs as smoothly as possible and that everyone returns home safely to their loved ones. 

Who’s Responsible?

Often the blame for drunk driving has solely been put on the driver with no thought given to other influential factors. So who is responsible? Primarily responsibility lies with yourself, but family, friends and your working organisation should also come into consideration. At the office Christmas party it is vital that your employers put in place measures to ensure that no one drink drives this Christmas. How can they do this? First of all, your employers have a duty of care to abide by. Your employers should look at arranging transport for after the functions when they have reached their climax. Mini buses and/or taxis are a relatively cheap option for the company to arrange and can be shared by several employees. Organisations should also implement a strict drink driving policy to all employees whether on business duties or private matters and if found guilty of such an offence could result in instant dismissal. 

No Free Booze

Although the urge maybe there to give your employees an open bar, but try to avoid doing so. It goes without saying people will abuse this and this is where problems can occur. If you feel you must have a tab on the bar for employees to have a drink on the company’s expense, then limit each member of staff to how many drinks they can have. This will save unduly hangovers in the morning and ensure no matters get out of hand because of alcohol. 

Stick to Soft Drinks

If the bosses have been kind enough to take you for an end of year meal during office hours, then why not just stick to soft drinks. In recent surveys undertaken many people have reported they feel pressure from work colleagues to drink alcohol at such functions, even if they don’t want to. Take responsibility though and explain that you are unable to have a drink because you are driving. If you know there is a possibility that you will be consuming alcohol then take the biggest precaution is not to drive. 

A Fun Event for all

The Christmas party should be a chance for everyone to have fun and relieve some of the pressures and tensions which may have occurred throughout the year. Just try to ensure any distractions that could cause problems later in the future. When it comes to alcohol though, if you suspect someone of drunk driving or you believe they are under the influence of alcohol, reason with them and discuss the damming effects which could be caused if they are to drink and drive. If this doesn’t work, then it is your duty to contact the police. 

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Stephen provides help for those who have received a drink driving ban. Stephen also ensure precautionary measures are in place so that no offenses are committed.