Okay, how many of us are thinking about our resolutions for 2013?  As soon as we fill up on Christmas Eve and Christmas meals, all the goodies before and after, we will  sincerely be ready to change our lifestyles.  But how long will it be before your “New Year’s Bubble” deflates?  Seriously, studies show that 52% of participants in a resolution study who were confident in the success of reaching their goals, only 12% actually achieved them.  Men were 22% more successful when they engaged in setting their goals where small measures are used: for example, losing one pound per week, than “lose weight”.  Women had 10% more success when they publicly expressed their goals and had support from their friends. 

Here are some popular goals; see if any one or more are yours: 

  •       Work/Drive More Safely
  •        Don’t Text and Drive!  
  •        Lose Weight – One Pound Per Week
  •        Make a Difference
  •        Be More Aware of Things Going on in our Government
  •        Save Money
  •        Pay Off Debts
  •        Eat Right
  •        Exercise
  •        Give Blood
  •        Give More
  •        Drink Less Alcohol
  •        Quit Smoking
  •        Reduce Stress
  •        Take A Trip
  •        Be More Green
  •        Get A Better Education
  •        Spiritual Improvement
  •        Be A Good Friend
  •        Appreciate Family More
  •        Be A Better Listener
  •        Volunteer
  •        Treat Everyone the Way you want to be Treated
  •        Be A Better Me! 

You might want to print this list off and check off or add things that you hope to improve on.  Keep it in a place where you see it every day.  Better yet, if you really want to improve this New Year, tell a friend who will help you reach your goals.  Sharing your promises with someone else can give you that support you need to really make it happen.  Going public, (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) shows your friends that you seriously mean to make these changes in your life – even just one or two; something that makes you willing to ask your friends to celebrate for you when you reach your goal. 

Please make this resolution for 2013:  Live every day with safety in mind; your life and the lives of others depend on it! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Texas America Safety Company and Blog4Safety.com!