Toasters, microwaves, water heaters – they’re all commonplace items in a modern home. Correspondingly, you probably don’t think much of them. Whether it’s heating up your food or heating up your home, these sorts of machines do their jobs without much thought on your end. But what happens when something unexpected happens? You need to be prepared ahead of time to make sure you’re safeguarded. Precaution is a top concern when you’re dealing with some in-home devices you take for granted.

The first place to start is with your initial purchasing decision. It’s important to do a little research, and buy reliable items that will provide safety and longevity. Look at what materials your appliances are made of, and make sure you’re buying something that won’t fall apart after a year of use. Additionally, take a look at the failsafe measures a product offers. Quality toasters, for example, will often have a cut-off switch in case of any mechanical glitch.

Once you’ve made the right purchase, installation is key to avoiding any sort of slip-up in the future. Microwaves and toasters should always be put in a well-ventilated area with a smoke alarm in detectable range. Water heaters are particularly important to install correctly, since you’ll rarely fiddle with your unit many times after it’s put in place. Never install a water heater near flammable chemicals or anything of the sort – that creates a huge hazard. Additionally, when you’re working with big, electrical or heating devices like water heaters, you need to make sure your electricity is turned off. You never want to run the risk of being shocked.

As an everyday user, you need to take proper care of your appliances, too. Hair dryers, electric shavers, irons – they can all be unplugged and maintained to avoid accidents. And never continue to use an appliance if you think it’s broken or buggy; it’s just not worth it. At the end of the day, if you’re equipped with the right products and you keep them in good shape, you shouldn’t have any trouble upholding a high standard of safety for your day-to-day usage.

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  1. In all honesty, until it happened to me, I didn’t really cared that much for appliance safety. I always thought that things like fire, sparks, grounds, etc. can not happened to me, but, things like those doesn’t choose anybody as it can happen to everyone. These are really great safety tips and I sure do hope that more and more people are aware of it and actually uses them. Appliance safety is no joke.

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