These days, “home security” is a rather holistic term. Not only do we want to keep an eye on our house while we’re gone, we also want to set the lights, turn up the thermostat, and make sure the sprinklers are firing properly. The amount of technology involved in securing one’s home can seem daunting at times.

While home security companies offer a variety of packages suited for any individual, there are certain basic security measures that can be taken and should be kept in mind regardless of the level of protection provided by one’s home security provider.
The following tips may seem like common sense, but they should act more like a jumping-off point to provide yourself and your family the perfect level of protection.

Tip #1
Just because you have a wooden fence or security fence surrounding your property doesn’t necessarily make you safer.  Fences not only block intruders trying to get in, fences can also hide an intruder who has already jumped over and breached the property. So if you have a security fence on your property, install a few motion-activated lights that shine along and inside the fence’s perimeter.  

Tip #2
Even though 81 percent of burglars enter a house on the ground level (34 percent walk right in the front door!), windows on both floors can still pose a threat. Common sense tells us we should always keep our windows locked, but you can take this advice one step further and have your windows glazed. This is one of the most effective ways to save your windows from break-ins.

Install deadbolt locks on every door that leads from the inside of the house out.  In fact, step it up a notch when choosing your lock and make sure the deadbolt is a vertical (surface-mounted) deadbolt instead of the less effective horizontal deadbolt. Locks that require keys and even sliding chain locks are no match for a determined thief.

Tip #4
Always be aware of your surroundings, whether at home or on the go. Make it a little easier to check out your property by installing proper lighting outside every entryway. The goal is to prevent an intruder from being able to hide in the shadows, so make sure that at least every doorway to your house is well lit.

Tip #5
Don’t have the means to install a home security system yet? You don’t have to let a low or non-existent budget stop you. By purchasing a home security sign and stickers for your yard and windows, you can make it look like you have a fancy security system and scare off possible burglars for a little less than twenty dollars.

Now that you know how and where to start with your home security system, don’t be a victim! Getting a safer and more secure home really is a lot easier than you thought.   

Jennifer Harrinson is a freelance writer and independent researcher for Her fortes include personal security and mobile technologies and she shares her insights on various mobile technology and home security blogs.