Asbestos is natural mineral that is attributed to a few but very lethal diseases science has discovered so far. Mesothelioma is one of those diseases and is caused after decades of exposure to the mineral. Asbestos has been one of the widely used components in the building and construction industry since 1930s. The mineral in the form of sheets was specifically used in the making of garage roofs and ceilings. The utilization of the mineral paced up in the following years until it was as late as 1990s when the Government of USA put a ban on the use of Asbestos, fearing the adverse manifestations provoked by the mineral. Although the use of asbestos has been plunged down, the sight of old buildings and houses is not uncommon and even today every tenth house is found to have been built of 1950s or 1970s. When the dangers of asbestos are known, it just does not make sense to keep on living in a house that leaves its residents at a frequent exposure to asbestos. However, changing and abandoning a house is not always possible and feasible but what is feasible is to remove the asbestos from garages or wherever it is used. In the following text we discuss some very simple and easy tips to get rid of asbestos garage. 

  1. ‘DO IT YOURSELF’  a BIG  “NO”

The most important and the foremost thing to be taken in to consideration is that never EVER attempt to remove the asbestos sheets from the garage yourself. Since the beginning of 21st century, a number of contractors have emerged who offer the service of asbestos removal from the buildings. So, when you can always find an entity to help you through your objective, it wouldn’t be a wise decision to resort to ‘DIY’. Secondly, they are professionals and are qualified enough to do their chore safely and eliminating all the hazards posed by the mineral.

       2. Compensation in the expenses of Asbestos removal

The removal of asbestos from garages may cost you anywhere from tens of dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars depending upon the size of the roof, area of the garage and other relevant factors. The cost may seem expensive enough to proceed with the removal process; however no compromise should be made when your health is at sake. For this reason, there are a number of organizations and councils that are willing to foot in the expenses. What can be better than that! So, if you have decided to get rid of the deadly mineral, and it’s the money that intrigues you; consult to any such council and grab what ever you can. 

  1. What substitutes you have?

In the instance that you do not totally support the idea of paying huge sums on the removal of asbestos, there is possibly another option open for you. Instead of asbestos removal, you can always resort to asbestos encapsulation, which is much more cheap and produces almost similar results. 

Author Bio: Roma Haswani is currently researching on mesothelioma lawsuit and he also helps people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma.