For those working in a field like construction, proper footwear is not only recommended, but it’s a requirement to ensure comfort and protection. The key, however, is to get shoes that suit both your needs and the needs of your particular job. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what you should keep in mind when selecting work boots.

Know Your Needs
Different jobs require different types of boots. Some will require slip resistant soles, while others will demand steel-toes. While getting an all-around boot protects you in a variety of work situations, knowing what the job you’re doing absolutely requires ensures that you have a boot that will protect you in your specific situation.

Get Professionally Sized
While it’s pretty obvious when the boot you have is too small, it may be less obvious if the boot is too big. Bill Gardner, owner of Red Wing Shoes, offering, says that “many of us are walking around in the wrong size, leading to unnecessary discomfort.”

Bill recommends being sized at your boot store to make sure you get the size you actually need. You may think you’re a size, but in a particular boot you may be a 12.5 or 13 with socks and inserts. It’s worth the time to make sure the boots fit correctly and comfortably since you’ll be spending a lot of time in them.

Invest in Quality
Ask anybody and they’ll tell you the same thing – quality work boots are expensive. There is, however, a reason for the price. Quality construction and materials cost more, and investing in a boot that will protect your feet, ankles, and knees is worth it in the long run. Quality boots will have soles that won’t fall apart, construction that won’t pull apart, and will use materials that while needing regular upkeep, will be durable for years to come.

Don’t Forget the Accessories
Extra laces, boot socks, and perhaps most importantly, insoles, are all things to consider as part of your boot purchase. These items help contribute to the comfort and durability of the boots. Your sales specialist should be able to help you choose the accessories you’ll need for your specific feet and boots.

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