Appropriate Parking Space

Every year near to one million cars get stolen and most of them never get recovered.  A car is a significant investment and you should be really vigilant about the safety measures to prevent the car-theft.

Whenever you have to park a car, bear some tips in mind. Park your car in a well lit area of the parking lot. In this case the chance of getting car stolen is lesser as one can see the thieves clearly. Also avoid parking the auto near the exits of parking lot as it’s easier for the car lifters to get away right after breaking into the car. It’s advisable to park your auto in the area monitored by either security guards or surveillance cameras. Some people go for parking lots that are not monitored as they don’t have to pay parking fee. Still, that small saving can jeopardize your car safety.

Never Leave the Docs in Car

Remember that if your car is stolen with the car documents you have given pure gold to the thief. Never leave the important papers in the glove box of the car, take them with you. The absence of docs in the auto will turn off some thieves and make the recovery of the stolen car easier.

Install a Reliable Car Security System

There are many innovative car security alarms available in the market. Cars come with a security system by manufacturers but usually it’s not that effective. Stealers have very thought-out and foolproof approaches to auto-theft. Make sure you install a security alarm which goes off whenever someone tries to break into the car. One thing is really vital in this regard: ensure that thieves know about the security system installed in your car. So, they don’t even attempt to steal it. For this there are small lights of blue or red color that are placed on dashboard and are visible from outside the car. Some cars have very effective GPS tracking systems that are able to locate a stolen car.

Avoid Uninhabited Area

If you have a high profile car you should avoid abandoned and deserted areas. These areas are usually unmonitored and there are no security guards and cameras for surveillance. Cars in such areas are vulnerable to theft. People sometimes leave their car doors unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Car stealers always prefer an unlocked car in the unmonitored area; it makes getaway easier and can’t be tracked later.

Put VIN on the Various Parts of Your Car

Most of the car stealers cannot resell a car if the Vehicle Identification Number is visible on it. Make sure that you put your VIN on almost every part of the car like engine, doors, fenders, underside of bonnet etc. In this way car stealers won’t be able resell the car and can be detected.

It’s really important to take precautionary measures to prevent the auto theft as small negligence can take away your investment of thousands of dollars in a split second. Usually the recovery of a lost car is very difficult but if your car was stolen with your cell phone that has mSpy app installed, it gets really easy to track its location via GPS.

Post by Linda Waters. Marketing executive at mSpy, blogger who loves writing about cell phone software and mobile technologies which help people.