This winter has been an unusual one, and that is an understatement!  According to ABC News, “It’s been more than seven weeks since Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow, (haphazardly) signaling an early spring. Last Friday, an Ohio prosecutor jokingly indicted the famous weather-rodent on one count of fraud, claiming he “did purposely, and with prior calculation and design, cause the people to believe that spring would come early.” The prosecutor said he would seek the death penalty for the groundhog.

None of us want to see poor Phil face the death penalty, but across the U.S., folks are very unhappy with his prediction.  Those in the Northeast are still under snow – there have been many highway accidents because of inclement weather, and frankly, enough is enough!

Just today, my husband said the weather prediction for N. Central Texas is a high of 80 degrees on Monday, followed by a high of 48 degrees on Tuesday.  Mother Nature has been blessing us with a few cold days, (some extremely cold), then warmer weather, then overnight a drop of 30 degrees.  This is mild, compared to what many others across the U.S. face on a day-to-day basis.

Hopefully, April will glide into our lives with those April Showers that so many areas desperately need.  Let’s anxiously await the wildflowers that decorate the roadsides, and feel that release of tension that Spring brings.  (Should have been here March 20th!)  Another unwanted gift arrives in the spring, and that is allergies!  Stock up on the medications that work for you, and be prepared.  Also watch for the bees, mosquitoes, and other critters that sometimes bring so much misery, we will be ready to face fall again before you know it.  Are we ever sastisfied with the weather?

On another subject, in previous years, our Blog4Safety has mentioned Safety Observances for the month of March.  This year, we received so many wonderful guest contributions that our schedule has been full.  We thank all the authors that have sent in wonderful safety tips, and hope they will keep them coming!

March is National Nutrition Month, Workplace Eye Wellness Month, Save Your Vision Month, National Patient Safety Awareness Week, and National Poison Prevention Week – topics we have touched on from time to time.  Every one of these is important to all of us – each month of the year!  When we are at work and experience hazardous conditions that endanger our vision, our employers should see to it that proper eyewear is furnished, according to the particular risk, along with any other protection you may need in performing your tasks.

Happy Easter!  Let’s look forward to baseball, spring activities, and everything that takes place during a safe month of April.