A lot of things can happen which might jeopardize the safety of an elderly person. Even in your own home, safety can be at risk due to certain factors. Living with a senior, either temporarily or permanently, can be a bit challenging in terms of keeping him/her safe all the time.

A mishap can take place any time. That is why it is critical to take extra precautions to avoid untoward incidents. If you need to go somewhere for a while leaving your elderly alone, there are simple safety measures you can do to make sure nothing bad happens to your senior. 

  • Unclutter – Make it a habit to keep every room in your home uncluttered. Cleaning the house is one way of making it safe not just for elderly person, but for everyone as well. Organize things inside the house. Keep things in their proper places. See to it that your floor is free from anything which might trip your senior. Kids love to play on the floor; so be sure to store their toys in a box or in their room after playing. With a tidy and organized home, you do not have to worry about leaving your elderly all alone.
  • Easy accessibility of needs – Take note of every item that your senior needs. Store these items in an easy-to-reach shelves or storage. For instance, keep the commonly used kitchen ware in the drawers so it will be easier for the senior to grab them. Never put anything needed above eye level. This might force your elderly to stand in a stool to reach for it – not a good idea. Before you go, make sure everything your senior need is within reach.
  • Clear hallways/stairways – Check your hallway and stairway. Do you have a rug in there? Even though rug is a practical and a unique decorative item, it is one cause of accident to senior citizen. So, it is better to remove it and place it elsewhere – where your senior do not usually pass by. Clear the stairway from any objects. If needed, you can place non-slip pads on the steps to prevent the risk of falling.
  • Install mat on bathroom – Leaving your senior alone means you cannot look after him/her when going to the bathroom. For added safety measure, put a rubber mat on the bathroom floor to prevent accidental falls. When the floor is wet,  your senior is prone to slipping which could result into broken hips and minor injuries. Additionally, slipping can cause internal hemorrhage leading to death. The rubber mat could save a life.
  • Keep medications close at hands – Before leaving the house, keep all the medications needed in a storage box or container. Some elderly have a maintenance medication, which of course, should be taken at prescribed time. Make a note of the quantity and what time the medicine must be taken. Stick the note on the container so your senior can easily read it. Put the medicine box in the bedside table so your senior will find it quickly.
Keeping your senior safe while you left him/her is pretty simple. For additional safety precaution, purchase an alert device such as medical guardian system to inform you instantaneously when an emergency occurs. Otherwise, you can ask someone to watch over your senior for you.
Ashley O’connor loves sharing ideas on how to practice safety at home, on the road, at the office and just about everywhere. Aside from writing, she also enjoys cooking and reading books. Follower her on Twitter at @AshleyOconnor82, Google+ or add her on Facebook.
Thanks, Ashley, for the great advice on how to keep our seniors safe. I might add that small pets, such as dogs and cats, are sometimes a hazard to cause someone to fall.  They are innocent bystanders, but many times get underfoot.  Especially when leaving someone alone, it might be a good idea to leave your pet in a kennel or with a friend.  pb